Technical information

Game type : Platformer 2.5D

moteur :Logo unity

Plateform : Logo Windows

Official Website :

Demo : Link for demo


Because of the destruction of his planet by the Gigantic Chimera, the little alien Gédéon, narrowly escaped his galaxy to find another place to live. After travelling for years in the intergalactic space, his spaceship run out of fuel and crashed on a strange and wild planet named Kapiata where a wild and primitive tribe lives, the Atakapus. This planet turns to be as dangereous as its habitants and many dangers are hidden in the shadow of the Kapu Mont, a colossal volcano.

Gédéon will be to collect atomic fuel and pieces to fix his ship in order to quickly escape to find a safer place to live.


Atakapu is a 2.5D speedrun oriented platformer videogame. The main gameplay is based on a switch wich allows you to choose between different costumes that will give you special abilities. For the moment, there are two types of gameplays: the Agility and the Attack mode. The concept of our game will be to switch gameplays during the game so that at anytime to can adapt to the environment, platforms and enemies you encounter.

The goal of every level is to finish as fast as possible with the maximum of orbs that give you points.

No Costume

At the begining of the game , Gedeon has no costume and he can only do single jumps


Agility Costume

After you have passed the level 1, you will unlock the agility costume for Gedeon and you can now play him from level 2.


Attack Costume

The next costume that you will unlock is the attack costume.


Take note that if you are in agility mode, you can wall jump, double jump and grapple but you can’t attack or dash enemies. In the same way , if you are on attack mode, you can’t use abilities from agility mode. The timing of the switch will be important in certain situation to obtain the best time and score !




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